Goss Productions

recording studio - music school - rehearsing space

Goss Productions Music is a studio located in Kirkland, WA. It is fully furnished with tenor sax, clarinet, guitars, bass, pianos, drums, banjo, ukulele, amps and more.

With so many different sounds available, Cyrille has used his multi-instrumentist skills to compose for very diverse ensembles (musical story telling, progressive rock band, French acoustic songs, jazz ensemble, gypsy guitar....)

Aside from composing and band rehearsals, Cyrille teaches music all year long to 30 students who never dropped out, except to go to college. 

Twice a year, Cyrille produces shows in professional venues (Nectar, The Royal Room, Egan's, Tula's) bulding small combos from begginer to advanced level. It is a great way for little ones to see what they can become. Performing also develop their confidence, team work, meeting and set expectations... it definitively prepare you to life in general.