About the music

There is no particular style to describe Cyrille Gosselin’s band. It is a musical journey. Some songs are tinted with jazz chords or New Orleans rhythms, testimony of Cyrille’s love for American musical heritage. You can clap and dance or get carried away listening to beautiful guitar picking with the simple apparel of acoustic songs. All songs are originals and composed by Cyrille Gosselin. Many of the lyrics were written by Marie Gosselin and speak about the ups and downs of life in an ironic and poetic way.

Ninie de Paname ... Vocals

Cyrille Gosselin ... Guitars, Vocals

Brooke Haze ... Accordion, Violin, Vocals

Victor Puentes ... Trumpet, Bongos

Jeff Terada ... Tenor Sax

Alex Babakoff ... Bass

Chris Hankins ... Drums


The Royal Room

Egan's Ballard Jamhouse

Seattle Center

Crossroad Mall

Januik Winery

Columbia City Theater

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